Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Values Clarification Exercise. What is important to you?

So you are soon to GIVE Birth!  
What an epic passage.  

How have you come to know what is of value to you in regard to your birth experience?

In creating time to share clearly with your partner  (or important others) around your birth environment and the atmosphere you desire....what have you discovered?

Is your baby requesting or inspiring any specifics in the 'birthmosphere'?

I'm curious.  Tell me more. 

My name is Grace Murdock.  I am the founder of the School of Sentient Birth @ Krmel Mystery School.  As well, I currently have the immense honor to be a student of Quantum Midwifery with Whapio Diane Bartlett @ the Matrona in Asheville, NC.

Two weeks ago we explored options, expectations, and values in regard to birth via a simple, yet in some ways profound 'values clarification' exercise.  

I'd like to share the exercise with you.  

Whether you are soon to give birth, have given birth, or are involved in birth as a care provider the following questions may illuminate or inspire clarity around what is possible in the birth environment.

I hope you'll take a few minutes to:
~Consider the following options
~Add some Ideas of your own
~Inspire a deeper conversation through leaving a comment after this blog.

I'd love to know what you discovered.  Each one teach one!


Please # each according to importance.  ((10 being the highest value you can give))


Having my partner present during my labor and birth/As a partner-being present at the birth.
Having a medical doctor present.
Able to welcome my the baby gently, not have the baby taken away at all.
Feel at one with my partner, the attendants & the energy throughout the birth.
Be in my own home.
Able to do what I choose.
Be totally accepting of what may happen during the labor and birth.
Be in peaceful quiet surroundings.
Have the ultimate safety equipment.
Avoid Pain.
Maintain a spiritual perspective throughout the birth.
Be in a birthing center or hospital.
Have a lay midwife present.
Have a nurse midwife present.
Birth in the water.
Be able to eat and drink during labor.
Birth in the position I chose.
Have access to pain medication.
Have a doula present.
Have anyone present that I choose (children, grandmother, family, friends…).
Have access to emergency drugs for hemorrhage or newborn problems.
Be away from the family for a few days and get some rest.
Go into labor naturally without induction or augmentation.
Have an elective C-section if I choose.
Be mobile throughout my labor and not confined to bed.
Be able to refuse procedures I do not want – exams, IV, monitoring, routine drug..
Wild Card - Chose some of your own.


Available throughout the experience but will not interfere unless we ask.
Have a high regard for me and my partners intuition and knowledge.
Have great expertise with complications and know how to handle them.
Maintain a spiritual perspective throughout the birth.
We feel like friends rather than have a professional-patient relationship.
They charge a low fee.
They take insurance or accept Medicaid.
Have had children.
Have had normal birthing experiences, not C-sections.
Can administer drugs, do suturing and have hospital privileges.
Won’t be offended if we don’t actually call them for the birth but deliver unassisted.
Can be depended on to take over in an emergency and make the right decisions.
Don’t hassle me about my diet, lifestyle, or any of my choices.
Encourage our responsibility and will consult with us before doing anything.
Wild Card - Chose some of your own.


  1. Birth Experience:
    Wild Card: 10 - Treat my husband as a part of the birth as well. In his heart, this is his experience of birthing his child. He should be as informed and involved as possible... as well as presented with sensitivity and guidance... this will assist in my experience and ease of giving birth.

    Wild Cards: 10 - Partner with my husband equally to me. My husband will probably be in a better position to ask for what I need than I will be able to. He may also know better where my line of comfort is, spirtually/philosophically.

  2. i would love to talk to you for hours and hours on this subject. right now i'm curious to know your thoughts on Mother's emotional state during pregnancy. i love that you love your work. continue to learn and grow. blessings, crh

  3. Hi CRH. I have a lot of thoughts and interest in a mothers emotional state during pregnancy....I would love to enter into dialogue about that. Where would we enter in? What are your thoughts, inquiries, supposings around the emotional state of mothers during pregnancy. Cue me in.... :)


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