Friday, September 16, 2011

I think it was John Lennon who said "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans." Can you relate?  My name is Grace Murdock.  I am the director of the Krmel Mystery Schools School of Sentient Birth and I began featuring this seven post blog series quite some time ago.  In the midst of it all I've experienced LIFE  HAPPENING at a rather rapid pace.  Thank You for your patience in receiving the seventh post in this series.

Although Krmel Mystery School and the School of Sentient Birth do not subscribe to any one lineage or system of belief, we are aware that conscious education is a key factor in the awakening process of our truest inner knowing.  I was touched by much of what Swami Jyotirmayananda has to share here.

These writings were originally published in Light of Consciousness Magazine in Winter 2008.

Education for Your Childs Soul, A Yogic Perspective/Pt. 7

Spiritual Ideals should be given to children, but since people do not have a healthy understanding of the true meaning of spirituality, they often separate the spiritual from the material.  Therefore, you hear so much about the cruelty that occurs when children are trained to become everything that the parents are not.  Parents, finding in themselves many weaknesses that they cannot remove, want the child to be perfect, free from all those weaknesses.  This type of attempt to build perfection in others without bringing perfection within oneself is an erroneous movement.  Children are put into great trouble in the name of making them ethically perfect, training them to be pious, religious.

Religion is life lived in a healthy plane.  Religion is sincerity.  Religion is communion with love.  It is important not to adopt extreme measures in any direction and to provide conditions so that the children draw from themselves the inherent power with which they are born.  That is exactly the meaning of education.  Education is to draw out from yourself what you have.  For encouraging aspiration for greater things, all you need to do is awaken an interest in the child.  The moment a true interest is awakened, the child will follow that pursuit with intense concentration.

If a child develops an interest in Self-realization as the goal, he will start to read books that will help  him reach that goal.  Therefore, the art for parents is to plant in the child a profound interest then leave the child to peruse it.  Just guide here and there.  Do not go after every detail.  For parents to present higher thought patterns in the environment of their children, certain conditions must be present.  Firstly, the parents must have higher understanding themselves and be sincerely working towards their own evolution and personality integration.  Secondly, there must not be disharmony between the parents.  Thirdly, the parents must not seek too many amusements outside.  They must consider that the children provide for them an excellent panorama of experience and they in turn provide an interesting environment for the children.

Therefore, do not allow the children to just watch TV day and night.  It is a terrible defect in the present civilization that parents leave the children completely at the mercy of mechanized entertainment, and that children grow up cold, calculated and insensitive.  Therefore, they bring pain to their parents and pain to the society.  Rather, come in contact with the children by telling them stories and parables.  participate in their lives and come closer to their world.  Education is not limited to just training children how to write and read.  Education is sharing your life, allowing a child to imbibe vibrations which are necessary for his growth.

Bringing forth children, according to the Hindu tradition, is a powerful responsibility, a powerful Yoga.  If that responsibility is not understood, a person should not be a grihasta, a householder, and bring forth children he is not prepared to deal with.  On the other hand, if you know the art, you are promoting a Yoga. *(Union) Your doing good to the child enables you, in turn, to evolve faster.  You are not educating the child for the child's sake alone, but for your sake as well.  It is within the perspective of educating yourself that nature has provided a conjunction of a soul - the child - with you.

You must help the child unfold under your protection and guidance.  When children bloom into wonderful personalities, when they turn towards a life which in universal and truly healthy, and when they become enlightened sages, they benefit themselves, the parents, the forefathers, and the entire world.  That should be the goal of all education.


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