Tuesday, August 9, 2011

See Through Your Childs Eyes

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Education of Your Child's Soul, Pt 5

Parents must also understand how the values of children are different from the values of grownup people. It becomes important for parents to develop sensitivity into children's psychology. Not through academic learning, but on the basis of spontaneous love and affection, you must become able to commune with your children and understand them. You must try to see how the children think and how they ae looking at things. You should not impose your realities in a very harsh manner.

The Law of Karma can cause great differences among children in the same family. Children born of the same parents may be in totally different levels of evolution. Some children have the potentiality of becoming very great in a particular field while others do not. Parents with insight will be able to guide their children according to their potential and their state of evolution, encouraging them to unfold all their inner talents and resources. Parents should not become upset if the children do not function or develop the way they had excepted, because children have their own right to live and express themselves. They cannot be molded exactly according to the expectations of parents.

The parents attitude towards the children should be to present a healthy environment for growth, just as the sun and the rain provide a proper environment for seeds to grow. If proper circumstance are given in a society where various personalities are needed, everyone will fit in to perform a correct and right function. From Divine point of view no one is smaller, no one is greater. Therefore, parents should not imbalance their affection and lean more towards children who are brighter or more like themselves, and begin to ignore those that are not so bright or express themselves differently than parents had expected.


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Education of your child's Soul - A Yogic perspective' is a seven part series authored by Swami Jyotirmayananda which was originally published in 'Light of Consciousness-Journal of Spiritual Awakening. Volume 20.

Though the School of Sentient Birth and Krmel Mystery School do not subscribe to any one school of thinking, we are seeded in the knowing that "the subject of educating of children is very vital because the future of mankind-culture, tradition, religion, all that is good and sublime--depends upon
the way the way children (and all peoples) are educated."