Friday, July 22, 2011

Natural Birth. Our Most Deeply Trusted Ally.

Trust Birth.

Birth is the one experience that all humans alive on the planet today share in common.

Whether or not we give conscious acknowledgment to this...every person has an experience of and reference point to Birth.

Given that birth is the passage and portal through which each one of us arrived, it is curios to explore why, in general, we culturally fear Birth and mistrust our ability to deliver.

Where does this fear come from?

There seems to be a need in our society to control that which we do not understand. We see this with sexual energy, the flow of money, the process of birth, and in relationship to emotional expression.
Something unexplainable and utterly power.full is available to us through Birth.

Women know this, and they are interested. To agree to giving birth is to claim a willingness to dance within the mystery, to enter the space between the worlds where everything is possible.
To give birth is to access altered states of consciousness, wherein that which is unexplainable lives beyond the need for explanation.

Ask yourself...
Where do babies come from?

Really. Where DO babies come from?

“The Sex Energy in Human beings is an even greater energy than electricity. The sex energy in human beings is an even greater energy than atomic energy….an atom of human sex energy creates a new life. A new person!” -Osho; Sex Matters
Ina May Gaskin continually reminds us that “The energy that got the baby in is the same energy that gets the baby out.” Birth does not stand alone. It is the continuum of creation energy constantly manifesting life. Somewhere near 300,000 babies are being born on the planet in every moment.

When given heartfelt consideration, one might find it mind blowing that we daily live side by side with conception, pregnancy, and birth, yet at large, we struggle to place infinite trust in our profound capacity as Co.creators AND the time proven presence of natural Birth to bring life fully into being. Yet here we are.
In truth, it has been a very short amount of time that Birth has been presented as a ‘medical procedure’. Hospital births began gaining popularity in the 1930’s. That’s only 81 years!

Humanity has been in Co.creation with natural Birth for hundreds of thousands of years; according to Wikipedia the common ancestor of all modern humans was in existence over 200,000 years ago. We are simultaneously creating and being created by our reality and our life in all moments. Rather than normalizing the miracle of conception and medicalizing the miracle of birth imagine (image in) approaching birth as a deeply trusted ally. A friend with whom you have traveled the most profound of roads. A friend who has not only been with YOU on the most sacred of journeys…but has also been with every living creature on the planet at the most poignant time of their existence. What might One learn from ‘sitting at the feet’ of Birth undisturbed?


Sunday, July 17, 2011

What is Sentient Birth?


Sentient Birth:Sentient Birth is a healing edge approach to Conception, Pregnancy, Birth and Life. Our guided emphasis is to honor the Soul Purpose of every Being born.

The heightened emotional state of pregnancy is no accident, but an opportunity to access the incredible well of creation energy living inside of you. Pregnancy is the perfect time to commit to your greater soul growth as everything naturally arises to be felt, acknowledged and explored, in essence… purified.

Offering an experiential understanding of Creation Energy, Vibrational Set Point and the path of Self Mastery, Sentient Birth inspires, educates, and supports families to create an empowered and positive experience of birth.

Sentient Birth consciousness minimizes the trauma of the birth experience, and maximizes the healing potential of ‘the birthmosphere’. We share simple yet potent tools for self development, and nurture inner ease in the process of Personal Growth and Conscious Co.Creation.

School of Sentient Birth Offerings:

  • Spirit Coaching® for Individuals, Couples and for Sentient Birth 
  • Sentient Birth Doula Services
  • Energetics of Birth - A New Paradigm in Childbirth Education
  • Intuitive Readings and Healings
  • Wombsong Healing™ Sessions
More Info on Sentient Birth Offerings: