Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Paradox of Birth

Birth has called me to stand within it's field and hold the space of probability.

What IS possible in the 'Birthmosphere', the thread of moments when the alchemy of all creation is present and birthing Spirit into Energized Conscious Matter?

My name is Grace.  I am the founder Krmel's School of Sentient Birth.

This very morning as I was awakening from dreamtime, there was a 'knowing' being 'folded' into my consciousness through gentle and deliberate wording. I received.. "Understand that birth is truly a paradox. It is both a Sacred Rite of Passage and an Ordinary Everyday Mundane Occurrence. Allow both to exist simultaneously".

There was feeling tone that carried this wording, a felt sense of calmness co.mingling with the absolute potential of creation.  

I'd love for us recognize birth (and everything really) as an expression of the Sacred Mundane, to culturally hold the mysteries of Birth with thriving curiosity and trust.

Let's try it. Today I invite you to weave Birth directly into your life.  
Assume that miracles will occur as common place today. 
Lean into and listen for the emptiness between the activities.
Remember that emptiness is full of potential, image.in what can be birthed from that place.  
Approach your 'not knowingness' as a Gift.  Be fearless.  

Birth is as natural as life, as common as breathing.  

Birth has become my inspired 'work' in the world.  I trust Birth completely, come what may....for I never 'know' what will arise in her presence.  Those elements of common mystery and power, for me, usher Birth in as MY GREATEST TEACHER!  
Throughout the inquiries of my daily life I am noticing and asking...
"How does this apply to birth?"  
"How can I be stronger or more supple here?"  
"How can I, as a birthing woman, meet the intensity of these feelings, this change?"  
"What lies just below the surface of this moment, from where is this originating?"  
"Can I stay present with the 'hugeness' of this life?"  

It's ALL in there, and it makes sense, to me, to call upon Birth daily. I just love her depth and the accessibility!
Consider, Birth is the one experience that every human alive on the planet has in common. 
We've ALL been there.  Birth is our sole/Soul shared reference point and lives in each one of us now.

Of what will Birth speak to you today?  I'd love to hear.

In Light,